Crowdfunding Together 
April 2021

Crowdfunding Together takes a look at different projects that our authors have deemed interesting or that need a second look for various reasons. Each author will take a look at some of the crowdfunding projects that they’ve found to highlight and bring to our reader’s attention.

Kickstarting The Easy Way

 This is a blog outlining my personal experiences with SSO, which was both my first Kickstarter project and my first independent table top game. As such it is mostly full of personal opinions and prejudices and should not be taken as anything more than one person’s opinion. I found prior to my Kickstarter that very little of the available advice was useful to me as a low budget, independent games designer.

Crowdfunding Together
March 2021


Top crowdfunding project picks from our contributors at Tabletop United take a look at various crowdfunding projects throughout the month and pick their favorites! 

Jen Ford
Wes Woodbury
Stefan Yates
Bob Nolan


Game Day Title Pic

Tired of Social Distancing? Try a Virtual Game Day!

I can't believe that it's been 10 months since we went into lockdown. I know that things have loosened up a bit since then, but the virus is still out there and most places still have social distancing ordanances in place. Also, a lot of people just don't feel comfortable putting themselves out there with others regardless of what is allowed or not. 

All of this has had a huge effect on gaming and the gaming community. Many of us have continued gaming with our family or turned to solo gaming to keep the hobby alive, but what about those game night gatherings or group game days? I recently hosted a virtual game day for several of my friends and it went over extremely well so I thought that I'd share the experience with all of you for some inspiration.