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Tired of Social Distancing? Try a Virtual Game Day!

I can't believe that it's been 10 months since we went into lockdown. I know that things have loosened up a bit since then, but the virus is still out there and most places still have social distancing ordanances in place. Also, a lot of people just don't feel comfortable putting themselves out there with others regardless of what is allowed or not. 

All of this has had a huge effect on gaming and the gaming community. Many of us have continued gaming with our family or turned to solo gaming to keep the hobby alive, but what about those game night gatherings or group game days? I recently hosted a virtual game day for several of my friends and it went over extremely well so I thought that I'd share the experience with all of you for some inspiration.

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So, you have been enjoying board games for some time now. You enjoy the mental exercise of solving problems. You savor those high-five moments with friends. You like the feel of cards, tokens and miniature in your fingers. You even started to build your library of games. Happy days.

Then you realize life caught up with your gaming (which is not a bad thing). Perhaps you have found a suitable partner. You may have been blessed with kids. Chores and errands occupy most of your days. Work requires more of your time. And it’s not just you. Your playgroup’s members’ lives also started to change leading to less frequent (often with fewer players) gaming sessions.

So, why not go solo?


What’s in Your Stocking

2020 was a year for the record books, good or bad, and one that will go down in infamy. However, as the year comes to a close, we’d like to offer some games that stood out as great Christmas gifts. Several of the staff  here at Tabletop United threw some ideas into the mix. The criteria was simple- What game would you consider the perfect Christmas gift. The game doesn’t have to be a new one, huge, deep, or any other criteria except for the subject thought that it would make a great gift. What’s in your stocking?

After reading through the list below, let us know if you agree or disagree with our suggestions, if you gave or received any games for the holidays, and if so, did your gift appear on our list? Now, what did our writers and staff come up with? 



For the month of October, I've pulled 10 recommendations for spooky games from my own shelves. Also, make sure you check out the free print n' play links at the bottom. Thanks and enjoy!