Crowdfunding Together
March 2021


Top crowdfunding project picks from our contributors at Tabletop United take a look at various crowdfunding projects throughout the month and pick their favorites! 

Jen Ford
Wes Woodbury
Stefan Yates
Bob Nolan


Project # 1 Gift of Tulips from Weird Giraffe Games

Chosen by Jen Ford

Gift of TulipsCreator’s Name: Sara Perry
Number of Previous Projects: 9
Fulfillment of Previous Projects: Yes
Funding Goal: $6,000
Duration: March 2nd to March 26th 2021
Current Funding Level: $20,688
Type of Project: Boardgame

Click HERE to see the Gift of Tulips Kickstarter!

Gift of Tulips is a beautifully illustrated trading and set collection game for 2-6 players. The concept and artwork is based around on the tulip fields and buildings of Amsterdam, particularly the Keukenhof tulip festival and the delftware of the Netherlands. In Gift of Tulips players take actions to gain points directly by either creating a bouquet or gifting an unwanted card to a fellow player. Alternatively, they can either add a card to the Festival immediately and openly, changing the current rank and scoring of the tulips or add it to the hidden Festival showcase to change the end scoring instead. This choice between shifting the market during play or saving changes for the end of the game is an unusual and interesting twist on set collection with a trading mechanic, adding an extra strategic element to an otherwise sedate, pretty game. One of the main benefits of backing Gift of Tulips is that its already funded and from a reputable company, which means that completion and delivery are all the more likely. Weird Giraffe Games is a female run company, and though not all of their output has been from an entirely female team, Gift of Tulips is. If you enjoy games such as Tussie Mussie but want something a little more substantial definitely give Gift of Tulips a look, particularly as there is a decent print and play reward level and the base set is only $19!

Project # 2 A Mending by Shing Yin Khor

Chosen by Jen Ford

A Mending

Creator’s Name: Shing Yin Khor
Number of Previous Projects: 6
Fulfillment of Previous Projects: Yes
Funding Goal: $12,000
Duration: March 2nd to March 25th 2021
Current Funding Level: $108,949
Type of Project: RPG Tabletop Game

Click HERE to see the A Mending Kickstarter!

A Mending is a new and exciting solo RPG journaling game. A self-styled “Keepsake” game, players plot and travel through a map marking their route and making notes as they go on the player “board” (either paper or fabric). Through the journey to meet their distant friend, players use prompt cards to discover the story behind the friendship and encounter characters which may affect game decisions. Although designed as a solo game, the booklet contains a two-player variant (using one kit) or a multiplayer communal version. As a crafter, the idea of combining a shared RPG experience with a sewing club is extremely appealing. Cleverly designed with non-sewers in mind, A Mending comes with a sewing tutorial (you only need to be able to do a running stitch) or has a paper-only pledge level so you can doodle and draw ‘til your heart’s content without having to pick up a needle. The overall idea of the game is that the player will end up with a potentially wearable game board keepsake at the end. However, as a keepsake it is unclear how much replayability you would get as the main pledge level only comes with two paper maps and one fabric. Each level comes with digital files that would at least allow for multiple paper printings of the map, and slightly more crafty backers are encouraged to use their own fabric, thread and beads (implying tracing the map onto fabric) which could giving more replays.

This female-led Kickstarter has good sustainability credentials; made locally to the creator in the USA by companies with environmental business practice statements. The physical pledge levels are made from 100% cotton and recycled paper. Shing Yin Khor has created 6 (9 including collaborations) projects and has delt successfully with fulfillment in the past, giving greater backer reassurance. The main selling point for me though is that as a crafter this is the closest I’ve seen to something that genuinely seems to combine the process and feeling of crafting and gaming. So, if you’re interested in a new solo RPG or like stories and stitches give A Mending a pledge!

Project # 3: Ragnarocks by Grey Fox Games

Chosen by Wes Woodbury


Creator’s name: Gordon Hamilton
Funding Goal: $20,000
Duration: Feb 23rd to Mar 17th
Current funding level: Over $100,000 raised
Type of project: Boardgame

Click HERE to see the Ragnarocks Kickstarter!

From the designer of the insanely popular Santorini comes the next great thematic abstract game for your collection!This is a “perfect information” abstract boardgame originally designed for 2 players, with a solo mode and a possible multiplayer ruleset being developed. The game features a growing cast of asymmetrical player cards that create a diverse option of gameplays and strategies. Unique to the kickstarter is a specialize set of Ragnarock components, it replaces the basic grey stone pieces with bright blue colored stones for a more appealing visual to the game. This feature will not be available for the mass retail release. Grey Fox Games has been doing timed reveals of all of the additional content that is also exclusive to the kickstarter. The pledge options are very straightforward, so a simple base game pledge is your best bet to get everything this great game has to offer!

Project # 4: Tiny Epic Dungeons from Gamelyn Games

Chosen by Stefan Yates


Creator’s name: Scott Almes
Funding Goal: $15,000
Duration: Feb. 23 to Mar. 17
Current funding level: $2,110,549
Type of project: Boardgame

Click HERE to view the project.

The latest entry in the Tiny Epic line was perhaps the most anticipated and it certainly showed from the very start of the campaign. Fans of the series have been clamoring for a dungeon crawler for quite some time and Gamelyn Games has certainly delivered. Known for packing an epic game into a tiny box, this time they’ve even moved up from their traditional meeples and newer trademark ITEMeeples and somehow included actual 28mm miniatures without increasing the size of their iconic box. It’s their largest Kickstarter to date and took them over the $2 million mark for the very first time. The pledge manager is open as of Mar. 29 and a late pledge as well as a slew of add ons and other games from the gamelyn catalog are all available to order. 

Project # 5: Valaria: Card Kingdoms: Darksworn from Daily Magic Games

Chosen by Bob Nolan

Creator’s name: Isaias Vallejo
Funding Goal: $65,000
Duration:  March 9th - March 31st
Current funding level: $162,000
Type of project: Card Game

Click HERE to see the Darksworn Kickstarter!

Valeria Card Kingdoms has done well for Daily Magic Games and the latest Kickstarter continues that trend. Funded in less than 12 hours, Darksworn brings new types of play to Card Kingdoms by introducing cooperative play.  Players will now fight greater threats together as enemies destry various cards and locations while the new "books" found in the game introduce a new story mode. In addition, dice are added to the various locations and citizens which activate allowing various monsters to destroy the cards. Players will make decisions on whether to save citizens or improve your own tableau. Furthermore, a new board, called the Aquila Board, introduces a new prayer action where players can spend victory points to activate special blessings found on the board. The prayers help push the darkness back to protect the citizens and allow the players to, hopefully, achieve victory.