Gen Con Indy 2022 Was an Experience


Gen Con is an event every tabletop gamer should attend at least once. And when I say event, I mean multiple events happening under one name. Of course, there were many tabletop games of all types, but there were also presentations covering writing, film, game design, crafts, and spa appointments. Literally something for everyone to do if you are a gamer, writer, into film, crafts, or looking for something to do while supporting one who was off slaying a dragon.

2022 marked the 55th gathering of Gen Con and it came back strong after the pandemic. Over 50,000 people attended the convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. They weren’t disappointed with what was offered up by more than 530 game publishers and vendors. There were over 500 new games released during the convention, some of which were limited editions available only to attendees. Some are available for a short time through their company websites.

Eos Rise Banner

Trust In Yourself- The Project Eos Rise Story

by Jim Baker

When Robert approached me and kindly allowed me to write an article on Tabletop United, I was honored. It's rare to get such an excellent opportunity, and I was eager to talk about my game. But, something made me pause. I didn't want to talk about the design choices, the game origins, or what fancy mechanic that makes it unique. There was something heavier weighing on my mind. There was a more important lesson I learned during the development, and I needed to share it. So in this article, I want to talk about Trust! Hopefully, it will allow someone to embrace it as I have and have equally the success I have had so far. 

That's right, Trust! Trust in yourself, trust in people, trust in your choices. 


4 Board Games That Use Poker Mechanics

It’s no secret that many board games draw inspiration from other games. In fact, there are lots of examples –– board games, video games, you name it –– that were inspired by Dungeons & Dragons alone. But you might be surprised to know that some popular board and tabletop games have also drawn guidance from more traditional forms of entertainment, like poker and its various styles. In this piece, we’re going to examine a few specific examples of ways in which some of the best board games have incorporated various poker mechanics into their gameplay.

Designer: Eric Streed
Artist: Eric Streed
Publisher: Witchway Games
Year Published / Kickstarted: 2022
No. of Players: 1-2
Ages: NA
Playing Time: 15 minutes
Main mechanic / Theme: Path building, Drafting
Pick your tricks, throw your planes, but make sure you outdo your opponent in this quick 15 minute print and play from Witchway Games!