Azul Crystal Mosaic

Lightning Review - Azul: Crystal Mosaic

Designer: Michael Kiesling

Artist: Chris Quilliams

Publisher: Next Move Games

Year Published: 2020

No. of Players: 2-4

Ages: 10+

Playing Time: 30-45 minutes

Crystal Mosaic is a small expansion for the original Azul game. This expansion consists of four double-sided game boards and four clear plastic game board overlays. The game boards provide two different layouts to use when playing the base game, which add both variety and a different challenge to try to master. The game overlays though are what made this expansion a must-buy for me. I love Azul, but one thing that always bothered me was that bumping my board would easily mess up the work that I had done. With a game like Azul, you are always reaching to the middle of the table to grab tiles and for someone as uncoordinated as me, board bumping is pretty common. These overlays hold the tiles in place pretty well so that minor nudges and bumps don't send all of your pieces sliding into new locations. I have seen some complaints about the area for the scoring marker, but I haven't experienced any problems in using it myself. With the price listed right around $15, I felt that this was a perfect addition to one of my favorite games.

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Stefan Yates

stefan yates

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