Illusion from Pandasaurus

Games Review

Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Artist: Oliver Freudenreich &Sandra Freudenreich
Publisher: Pandasaurus Games
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Playing Time: 15 Minutes
Main Mechanic / Theme: Pattern Recognition

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Illusion is a game all about color recognition that's simple to teach, fast to play, and easy to carry. 

 Such a great little card game

Photo Credit: van00uber (BGG)

Gameplay and Mechanics:

Each player draws a new abstract art card and must choose where to place it in the growing row of cards based on the percentage of the card they think is covered with the color matching the arrow card for the current round (e.g. "Does this card have more or less red than each card in the row?"). On your turn, you can draw a card or, if you think 1 or more cards are placed in the wrong order, you can challenge the last player to add a card. If you challenge, all cards are flipped to reveal printed percentages for each color. If these values are incorrectly arranged (i.e. not least to greatest), you claim the current arrow card. However, if these values are correct, the last player to add a card to the row claims the arrow card. The row is cleared and reset with a new card from the deck. Play continues until a player claims their 3rd arrow card, winning the game!


Theme, Artwork and Illustration, Graphic Design and Layout

Illusion is a fairly abstract, visual-spatial game with simplistic artwork. The game comes with a considerable number of cards so replay value is high!


Final Thoughts:

Illusion is a perfect game for parties, classrooms, lunch dates, etc. As I mentioned in my intro, it is simple to teach, fast to play, and easy to carry. The only barrier to its accessibility is the potential issues for customers living with color blindness. For those of you familiar with the game Timeline, Illusion is a bit like that but more accommodating of players at all age groups as it does not require extensive prior knowledge in a give topic.