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How to Paint Tabletop Quality Miniatures from a Tabletop Quality Painter, Part 2: Painting Your Miniatures

Now that you have your supplies and your minis are prepped and primed (Part 1 Supplies, Prep & Priming), it's time to get some paint on them! Make sure that your primer is good and dry before moving on to adding paint, I usually give it overnight at least so that there is no tackiness left anywhere on the model. At this point, you can leave your miniatures on the painting stick from priming them or transfer them to something that's easy to hold so that you can get to every angle of the miniature without actually touching it. I like to use old prescription pill bottles for this. They are comfortable and solid in my hand without being too big and accomodate most miniature sizes.The most common method that I use for getting my miniatures painted up to tabletop quality is a five step process consisting of: basecoat, wash, drybrush, highlights, and sealing. Remember that the number one ingredient to successful painting is confidence. I hope that by providing you with these basic techniques, you will have the confidence to convert that grey plastic in your game boxes into something that pops on the tabletop! I will provide pictures as I talk about the different steps in the process. Keep in mind, we are painting miniatures. Perfection is not necessary and most mistakes won't be super noticeable to the naked eye when the minis are on the table top. The camera, on the other hand, is a bit less forgiving!

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How to Paint Tabletop Quality Miniatures from a Tabletop Quality Painter, Part 1: Supplies, Prep and Priming

Why paint your miniatures? Many games in most people's collections come with plastic miniatures to give the game more visual interest and maybe, in some cases, to draw people into a game that they might otherwise overlook. Regardless of the reason, many gamers love having miniatures included in the components of thier games. However, most times that I play these games, whether they are games that I own or at a friends house or a gaming gathering, it's with plain, unpainted miniatures. While unpainted miniatures do not normall detract from gameplay by any means, breaking out a game with painted miniatures really adds a bit of flavor and is sure to draw more interest from fellow gamers.

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Lately, the term “Speed Painting” has become popular in the miniature painting community. We’ve seen YouTubers featuring how much miniatures they can paint in X hours (i.e. Miniac, Squidmar, Goobertown Hobbies, Trovarion, etc.). A few content creators have also focused on Speed Painting (i.e. Midwinter Minis, Haste Hobbies). Allow me to present a some perspective about speed painting, making it sound less of a competition and more of a rewarding painting technique.