Agropolis Preview

Designer: Steven AraminiDanny Devine, & Paul Kluka

Artist: Danny Devine

Publisher: Button Shy

Year Published: 2020

No. of Players: 1-4 

Ages: 8+

Playing Time: 15-20 Minutes

Main Mechanic / Theme: Cooperative, Tile Placement

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Agropolis brings you the same great gameplay introduced in Sprawlopolis with a new rural-theme and considerable depth with the introduction of 18 new scoring conditions, a new "feed fee" mechanism, AND a combo card pack that allows you to combine your copies of Agropolis and Sprawlopolis to create a completely new gaming experience!

Gameplay and Mechanics:

As the active player in Agropolis, you will select 1 of 3 cards to add to the city, pass your remaining 2 cards to the next active player, and then draw a single replacement card into your own hand. You will work together with your teammates to build patterns and routes that adhere to the 3 unique scoring conditions you randomly selected during setup. Solo play works similarly with you holding 3 cards during each turn (until the deck eventually runs out, limiting your choices in the last 2 rounds of play). Regardless of player count, you aim to score more points than the collective values printed on each of the 3 scoring condition cards selected. 

Agropolis vs. Sprawlopolis - In Agropolis, you are playing cards to establish orchards, wheat fields, livestock pens, and vineyards. Rules for gameplay are identical to Sprawlopolis in almost every way with the exception of a clever (and totally optional) "Feed Fee" mechanism that promises to ramp up the difficulty for more experienced players. When a Feed Fee icon appears below the point value printed in the top-left corner of a scoring condition card, players may choose to total the number of matching animal icons at the bottom of all 3 cards, adding that total to the Target Score you must meet or exceed in order to win the game. 


"Udderly Impossible" adds +1 for each cattle icon. As pictured above, "Fruitful Endeavor" and "Them Apples" both contain 2 cattle icons, contributing a total of 4 additional points to the Target Score.

Agropolis + Sprawlopolis - According to the publisher, Button Shy, Agropolis will be launching on Kickstarter September 29th for just $10 USD! With each pledge for a copy of Agropolis, you will receive a 6-card combo pack that allows you to combine Agropolis and Sprawlopolis. Unlike the original rules for both standalone games, this variant eliminates the use of card-passing. Rather, players shuffle each game deck individually, flipping a single card from each to reveal 2 scoring conditions. Then, a 3rd card is drawn at random from the 6-card combo pack to reveal the 3rd and final scoring condition. A separate card from this pack is used as the starting tile, displaying 2 "blocks" from those terrains included in each game respectively. On a player's turn, they draw 1 card from each game deck and must choose 1 to play and 1 to discard. In this way, both game decks with run out at the same rate. End game occurs after the last 2 cards are drawn and played/discarded. Players score for the largest 2 block groups from each game, lose points for individual roads, and score/lose points according to the 3 scoring condition cards.


Artwork & Graphic Design

The artwork for Agropolis is simple and serviceable, utilizing effective graphic design to help clearly illustrate the manner in which each card will score.

What Worked:

Agropolis proves to be an excellent standalone experience for those who love Sprawlopolis but want to explore new challenges in the form of its 18 unique scoring conditions. Additionally, the 6-card combo pack does a nice job of providing a uniquely thinky gameplay experience.

Final Thoughts:

It's hard not to repeat my own sentiments concerning Sprawlopolis when reviewing this game. Agropolis is an excellent game with speedy setup and gameplay. The variability created by the scoring condition combos is very satisfying, even more so when you combine both standalone games. For those of you who've yet to obtain either game, I highly recommend checking out this fun and thinky wallet-sized game on Kickstarter September 29th through October 10th!